OpenItem Access Control:
Residents Application Installation Manual

Download Application

1.        The application may be downloaded by searching for the “OpenItem” application from the App Store or Google Play for Apple or Android devices respectively. The application can also be downloaded by scanning the relevant QR code below.




2.        Download and install the application.

Once the application is downloaded, it will appear on with your other apps.

Open Application

1.     Open the application by select the “OpenItem” icon from the applications list.

2.     The first time the application is used, the user will have to register by entering their mobile number in the space provided. The number can start with 0….

3.     After entering your number, press Next in the top right corner of the screen. A One Time PIN (OTP) will be sent via SMS if the phone has been registered.

4.     You will be taken to the verification screen to enter the OTP you received.

5.     Once you have received your OTP, please enter it in the space provided and press the Next button in the top right corner of the screen.

6.     When your OTP is successfully verified, you will be taken into the application.

7.     If your OTP has not arrived via SMS after 5 minutes, please check your mobile number. If you mobile number is incorrect and you would like to resend the OTP: on Apple, press the back button indicated by the arrow in the top left of the screen; on Android, press the Android back button on your device. 

Pre – Book Visitors

Visitors and Contractors must be provided with entry codes before their arrival using the following process.

After opening the application, go to the Pre-Book screen by selecting the first tab from the row of tabs at the bottom. From here, to invite a visitor either:

1.        Select “Invite Contact” for numbers already in your contacts list, or

2.        Select “Invite Cellphone Number” to enter a number from scratch.

3.        Note that any recent bookings are shown for easy reference.

4.        A grey PIN icon indicates that the visitor has not entered the estate, while a green icon indicates that the visitor has been processed.

You will be presented with a screen asking you to select whether the invitation applies to a Visitor or a Contractor:

1.        Visitors are guests you wish to invite,

2.        Contractors are other parties who, for security purposes, should not be booked in as Visitors (or vice versa). NB!

Delivery Method

You will now be prompted to choose a delivery method. Please note:

1.     Message is an SMS sent from your device and standard rates apply,

2.     Whatsapp uses the Whatsapp application if installed on your device and has no cost provided you have access to data

 Bypassing the App

If necessary a PIN may also be requested by sending an SMS to 0832516520 as follows:

1.        PIN followed by the mobile number in the form: PIN083xxxxxxx e.g. PIN0831239876, or

2.        Sending just “PIN” will return the PIN to you e.g. PIN

For the complete manual please mail the Estate office at